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The NHS is one of the most important institutions in this country, many would say the symbol of everything that is or was good about Britain.

Having a deicated health service that is available to every british citizen is a privilege we all take for granted, but it is the envy of many other countries, and, in countries like the US, if you don't have adequate medical insurance, or can not afford to pay for it, you simply don't get treatment. Many people who have been involved in accidents or for whatever reason found themselves in hospital have to be processed first in order to ascertain their eligibility for treatment as all treatment has to be paid for either by the individual or by medical insurance. Here in the UK we have our national insurance system which is accredited to every individual who is either unemployed, sick or on a low wage. We all pay national insurance the same as we pay tax if we are working and what we get in exchange is worth ten times as much.

As of 2013 the NHS is now 64 years old and it continues to improve and is providing the best level of service it ever has, even in these difficult and challenging economic times. The fact is, there are more people needing the services of the NHS now than there have ever been, and health centres and hospitals are to be found in every town and GPs, health visitors, nurses and all the other ahealthcare workers in the NHS have a higher standard of training and experience than ever before.

There are currently more doctors wanting to work in general practice now than ever before and there are more doctors and nurses working in the field of primary care than ever. It was back in the 1960s that the concept of local health centres was re evaluted and then subsequently revived.

Doctors have had the greatest freedom to practice and deliver healthcare in whatever way they deem most approprriate throughout the history of the NHS. The department of health stated in 1978 that the government's intention at the beginning of the NHS was to essentially permit healthcare professionals the freedom to provide health care and treatment to patients using their own judgement and professional experience according to the needs of the patient. Almost everybody these days seems to feel they have a reason to criticise the NHS but think of where we would be without it...